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Exploring the 12 Seasons Expanded Seasonal Method: Elevating Your Colour and Image Consulting

Updated: Apr 24

In the search for a better understanding and application of image consultancy, professionals have explored different methodologies to meet the unique needs of each client. One of these innovative methods that has great prominence is the "Expanded Seasonal Method of the 12 Seasons". This method, an expansion of the traditional seasonal colour system, offers a more accurate and personalized approach to colour analysis.

In this post, we will explore what the 12 Seasons Expanded Seasonal Method is and how it can be used to improve colour consulting.

Middle age woman, white skin, brown and short hair holding her colour palette

Origins of the 12 Seasons Expanded Seasonal Method

The 12 Season Expanded Seasonal Method was developed as an evolution of the 4-season system (spring, summer, fall and winter) created by

Suzanne Caygill in the 1940s.

Studies on colourimetry began in the mid-1600s and expanded over time, with artists and masters such as Isaac Newton, Leonardo da Vinci, Goethe, Chevreul, Munsell, Itten and Dorr. They were enhanced in the 1920s, with the Bauhaus school, and paved the way for the reasoning about personal colouring that we have today.

In the 1940s, American artist and stylist Suzanne Caygill did in-depth research into skin colours. They identified 32 skin types, classifying them according to the seasons and called the technique the seasonal method.

In the 1980s, she released the definitive work Color the Essence of You and also created The Academy of Color, establishing herself as the great pioneer of the method.

Regardless of the methodology applied in the colour test, be it tissue analysis or analysis using iris photos, it is through the seasonal method that we arrive at the diagnosis of colour charts: summer, winter, autumn and spring, as well as their expansions: cold, warm, intense, soft, dark and light.

The idea behind this method is to recognize the diversity and complexity of each person's characteristics, going beyond the four basic seasons and offering a broader and more precise colour palette to identify the ones that best harmonize with the skin of the person being analyzed.

How does the 12 Seasons Expanded Seasonal Method work?

Unlike traditional methods that categorize people into just four main groups, the 12 Seasons Expanded Seasonal Method takes into account a wider range of colours and personal characteristics. It divides the primary stations into subcategories, resulting in a total of twelve stations:

* Warm or Pure Spring

* Bright or Intense Spring

* Clear Spring

* Warm or Pure Autumn

* Dark or Deep Autumn

* Soft or Opaque Autumn

* Cold or Pure Summer

* Soft or Opaque Summer

* Light Summer

* Cold or Pure Winter

* Dark or Deep Winter

* Bright or Intense Winter

Each of these expanded stations has its distinct characteristics in terms of colour temperature, depth and intensity, allowing for a more accurate and individualized analysis for each client.

12 colour palettes opened showing the shades of each one

Benefits of the 12 Seasons Expanded Seasonal Method

* Personalization: by considering a broader colour palette and individual nuances, I can offer a more personalized colour analysis for each client.

* Precision: the method offers a refined approach to colour analysis, taking into account a wider variety of personal characteristics, such as skin temperature, contrast and luminosity.

* Versatility: the twelve seasons allow greater versatility in the selection of colours clothing and accessories, adapting better to each person's preferences and allowing a wide combination of colours within the palette.

* Confidence: by discovering your colour palette, you will feel more confident and secure about your image, reflecting positively on your personal and professional life.

* Color combination: for many people, combining colours is a real nightmare, and in colour consultancy, this problem is easily solved because I will teach you how to make colour combinations with your palette.

The 12 Seasons Expanded Seasonal Method is a very effective methodology for colour consultancy, offering a more precise and personalised result. By recognising the diversity and complexity of each person's characteristics, colour consultancy can help you discover and improve your appearance, thus increasing your self-confidence and the impact of your image.


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