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consultoria de imagem e estratégia Londres Inglaterra Europa Brasil

did you know visual change is a powerful communication tool?

come with me and I’ll help you communicate your essence through your look.

here's the step-by-step:


1. chat about yourself

in our first meeting we'll talk about your routine, lifestyle, and personal and professional goals.

from here I will develop a personalised plan – from your haircut to shoes – so you can dress up in pieces that bring out the best of your personality and “work” in your day-to-day life.


2. facial analysis

i use morphopsychology and visagism techniques to create a personalised visual proposal.

in this meeting, I'll give you colour and style recommendations for a haircut and hair colour, eyebrow design, glasses, accessories, beard shape and makeup.


3. colour analysis

let's find out the best colours for your skin tone.

knowing your personalised colour palette is like the best secret style weapon... it will enhance your natural beauty while directing you towards flattering colours only. your colour palette can also be applied when buying new clothes, accessories and makeup.

4. presentation of your visual strategy

can you imagine having a outfit that reflects exactly who you are?

in this meeting i will present a carefully designed and personalised image plan, with visual references that will help you conceptualise the changes I am proposing.

together we will create an authentic and impactful look that will help you achieve your goals.


5. wardrobe analysis

here we put aside your pre-existing pieces that don't fit into the plan while exploring other ways to wear the clothes that are a part of your visual strategy.

we will build the shopping list for the next stage as well.


6. personal shopping

guided shopping will help to complement and communicate the exact image you want to show – your best self!

let's search for clothes and shoes in physical or virtual stores with the list we set up together previously.


7. styling outfits

in this last step, we coordinate the pre-existing clothes from your old wardrobe with your new ones to create unique and incredible looks that will turn heads!


are you ready to express your best self?

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