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dress authentically, not according to rules!

hi, i'm dani mansur, a personal brander and image strategist.

i am also a clown, mother of 3 boys, Brazilian, and I've lived in England since 2019.


for me, getting dressed daily is a moment of pleasure and also a way to express my moods and my personality through my outfit.


i have a degree in fashion stylist and personal branding from Central Saint Martins, University of Arts, London.

i studied colouring by Studio Imagine and Evoluo Institute

i studied culture and fashion history with João Raga.

i graduated in image consultancy with Ilana Berenholc.

i specialized in men´s image consultancy with Alexandre Taleb and etiquette and behavior with Claudia Matarazzo.

i studied textiles with Keila de Prince and Fabianna Pescara.

i studied morphopsychology, visagism and colorimetry at the Evoluo Institute.

i studied the 10-dimensional face and body analysis, using the facetelling and bodytelling method, at Persoona School

inclusive fashion, with Samanta Bullock and Larissa Mariano.


with my well-rounded experience, I will help you to dress strategically so that you can achieve your personal and professional goals through an image consistent with your routine and personality.

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sou personal stylist brasileira e moro na Inglaterra

I worked for 17 years in sales, working with large technology companies and always hiding behind high heels, suits, leather bags and the "famous black dress".

I adapted to what the job market expected from me, but I never had the opportunity to be authentic in the way I dressed.

due to a lack of knowledge, I didn't know how to adapt my personal taste to the corporate dress code.

in this search for my visual identity, I found image consultancy and learned that, when I dress, I communicate a message through my clothes, my hair, and everything I bring in my visual repertoire.

my style combined with my gestures, speech, posture and behaviour convey a unique and integrated message of who I am.


my motto?

dress authentically, not according to the rules!

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