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Revealing your colour palette: why personal colour analysis can elevate your image and brand

Updated: Apr 24

Personal colour analysis is much more than a simple assessment of tones that harmonize with your skin, eyes and hair. It's a true dive into the world of colours, revealing not only which tones enhance your natural beauty, but also how colours can influence your appearance, confidence, the message you convey through your look, and even your brand, creating a visual identity.

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Discovering the Essence of Colours

Each person has a unique colour palette that complements their skin tone, eyes and hair. The personal colour analysis uses a systematic approach to identify these individual nuances and determine which ones best harmonise with your skin.

But we can go beyond skin and aesthetic harmony. The colour palette can be applied to your brand, and if applied strategically and consistently, it will reinforce your visual identity, going so far as to make your brand remembered for the colours you use, including clothing, logo, decoration of office, consulting room and so on.

How does Personal Colour Analysis Work?

The analysis is usually performed by a professional trained in colourimetry, like me.

Several methodologies are being applied in the market such as the seasonal method, the expanded seasonal method of the 12 seasons, the tonal method and iridology, which uses the expanded seasonal method to deliver results, but the analysis is carried out through the photo of the iris (I will talk about this in, another post).

In this post, I'm going to talk about how the in-person colour test works in the expanded seasonal method of 12 seasons.

Firstly, to be carried out effectively, there must be adequate lighting in the test environment, simulating natural light, to neutralize any changes that hot or cold light can make on the face of the person being analyzed.

During the test, a variety of fabrics in different shades are placed next to the customer's face to observe how the colours affect their appearance. The objective is to identify whether you benefit more from warm or cold tones, dark or light, bright or opaque, and which of these enhance the skin and which soften facial features such as expression lines, dark circles, rosacea and signs of ageing.

In the following video you can see in full how the in-person colouring test is carried out using dimensional fabrics.

The Benefits of Colour Consulting

  • Enhancement of Natural Beauty: by discovering your colour palette, you can enhance your natural beauty and highlight your best attributes

  • Ease of Shopping: knowing which colours look best on you simplifies the shopping process, avoiding buying clothes, accessories and even glasses frames that don't match your skin tone.

  • Colouring and makeup: discovering your palette will also guide you to correctly choose the shades of makeup and cosmetic hair colouring.

  • Increased Confidence: wearing colours that enhance your appearance can increase your confidence and self-esteem, reflected in your posture and behaviour.

  • Personal Expression: choosing colours can also be a way of expressing your personality and unique style.

  • Visual Identity: when thought strategically, colours are a strong ally of your brand due to the psychological effect they cause. Choosing your brand’s colours is one of the pillars of creating a visual identity.

3 photos, 1 is the colour paletter and some makeup over the table, 2 the consultant testing some hair shades in the client and 3 the consultant making the colour analysis

Personal colour analysis is a powerful tool for discovering your colour palette and understanding how it can transform your appearance and self-confidence. By embracing colours that harmonize with your natural beauty, you can dress with confidence and style, revealing the true essence of your personality through the colours you choose to wear.


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