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Are you ready to express your most AUTHENTIC self through your style?

Get FREE & Instant Access To This Proven Guide and find out 11 Unforgettable Ways To Present Your BEST Self


And Gain Unshakeable Confidence In Your Appearance


In this FREE guide, you’ll learn…           


🧞‍♀️11 timeless steps to look your best                                     

🧞‍♀️How to dress so you can truly feel confident

🧞‍♀️2 Bonus tips to command authority 

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Want to know more? Here’s what my clients are saying:
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Vivaldo Neto, hypnotherapist

“I was seen as a boy and after the visual repositioning I was even mistaken for the speaker at an event. I noticed that people started to put me on a different shelf. How much is that worth?”
Frame 12.png

Karine Schilling, hypnotherapist

“The consultancy was a pleasant surprise. I didn't like what I saw in the mirror and I didn't have the confidence to change my image by myself. Now, when I look at old photos, I don't even recognize myself anymore. Dani arrived at a special moment, strengthening the changes that were happening in my personal life."
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Vinicius Odassi, hypnotherapist

“Dani presented a self-knowledge tool, influencing my personality. The suggested changes transformed me, and now I feel like a new person in the ways I wanted. Dani is lovely and a professional who can really help with your brand positioning.”
Frame 13.png

Camila Goltzman, head of customer success

"Dani promoted the best change I could make: seeing the outside from the inside. I learned that communication happens through the entire look and goes beyond clothes and makeup. After the consultancy, I fell in love with dressing and taking care of myself. Transformation that extends!"

Hello, I’m dani mansur


As a brand and personal image strategist, my mission is simple: to help you embrace your professional and personal goals through the power of your authentic style. 


If you’re anything like me, your day is busy…


And finding the time to put together the perfect outfit can feel overwhelming. 


But here’s the thing – your appearance speaks volumes, especially in a professional setting. 


In fact, I’ve witnessed countless clients transform their lives by mastering their image…


Resulting not only in remarkable confidence, but in new opportunities and incomes, too…  


All by learning what the best fits, colours, and styles are for them. 


So, if you’re tired of:


  • Blankly staring into your closet

  • Struggling to balance a professional wardrobe with your own personal flair

  • Dreading shopping because you get overwhelmed with choice

Then this guide is for YOU.

In my experience, there are 11 simple mistakes that prevent people from expressing their best self and approaching their environment with confidence. 


So, I’ve created a step-by-step guide that’s designed to help you take control of your appearance and amplify your impact.


You’ll also gain invaluable insights into the power of personal branding and discover how to make every detail of your appearance count. 


Most importantly, I want to add some sparkle to your day by helping you to feel great about yourself — especially when you don’t know where to start. 

So what are you waiting for? 


Get your free guide now and take your first step towards expressing your most AUTHENTIC and POWERFUL self. 

When you sign up for this free guide, I'll also send you weekly email updates to my latest YouTube episodes, VIP content and the occasional product recommendation. I'll always respect your privacy and data.

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