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Redefining Personal Branding: A Success Story with Vivaldo Neto

When it comes to making a change in your appearance, sometimes the journey is as much about embracing your own personality as it is about presenting your ideal image.

Today I’ll share an experience of Vivaldo Neto, a hypnotherapist and client of mine whose remarkable makeover journey shows just how important merging your personal identity with professional aspirations really is.

Vivaldo approached me eager to change his appearance, but was conflicted with how he wanted to portray himself rather than how he felt should appear to become successful in his career. 

As he described his ambitions, I was impressed with all the qualities he held. Neto is a dynamic blend of youthfulness, competence, and tireless determination — a combination that I just knew couldn’t be put on the back shelf any longer. 

But while my guidance helped Neto realise his true potential, it was his commitment to growth and self-improvement that ultimately laid the foundation for his growth that went far beyond his physical appearance.

Neto’s Dilemma

Since the first time we spoke, I recognised Vivaldo's unique qualities — a competent professional with a knack for storytelling and a relentless drive to excel in his career.. However, Neto faced a common dilemma that I’ve come across with many of my clients: how could he convey his authoritative presence without sacrificing his youthful energy and dynamism?

This challenge sparked a collaborative effort between us, as we committed to creating a visual strategy that celebrated his individuality while commanding respect in professional settings.

4 before photos of vivaldo neto's visual strategy, wearing jeans, t-shirt and sports sneakers

Preserving Vivaldo’s Essence: The Most Important Part of Any Makeover

I approached Neto’s makeover strategically as I knew that preserving Neto's essence in his new appearance would be 10 times more impactful instead of conforming to more traditional norms like a suit and tie.

But while jeans and sneakers remained staples of his wardrobe, I suggested subtle adjustments in cuts, fits, and accessorization to add a touch of sophistication to his new style. The most stand-out pieces in Neto´s new wardrobe were the addition of a denim blazer and knitwear, serving as a nod to his vibrant personality and bridging the gap between casual comfort and a professional polish.

One highlight of Neto's makeover journey was in a memorable encounter at a book signing event as he was mistaken for the keynote speaker. This experience showed Neto what a transformative impact his newfound confidence and presence really had – an unforgettable impression on those around him.

fotos depois da estratégia visual já com os ajustes usando calça jeans e chino, com blazer jeans e malha, preservando a camiseta, porém lisas, sem estampas e tênis em couro

photos by @panorama.bp

Neto’s New Beginning 

Neto's journey towards a more confident appearance shows just how powerful personal branding really is. By staying true to his own authentic nature while being open to strategic refinement, he can now confidently make a statement in professional environments while staying true to his unique identity. 

If you haven’t already guessed, this is why I love my job: empowering clients like Neto to unlock their full potential and encouraging transformation and self-discovery in the process.


What I’ve noticed to be true with many of my clients is that Neto's makeover experience not only changed his external appearance, but also created a shift in his perception. This not only helped to further his career but also instilled a newfound sense of confidence and self-assurance in daily interactions.

Here’s what Neto shared about an experience he had after working with me:

"I was seen as a boy, often as an immature boy, and soon after we made the visual change, I arrived at an environment with many authorities, and people thought I was the speaker at the event. It was the first time that I recognized that people put me on a different shelf. How much is this worth?"

What parts of Neto’s story can you relate to?

Leave a comment below to let me know. 


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